By prepared by Task Group 9.2.

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4) Upon a showing of probable cause under subsection (3), the court shall conduct a hearing to determine if the best interests of the juvenile and the public would be served by granting a waiver of jurisdiction to the court of general criminal jurisdiction. In making its determination, the court shall consider all of the following criteria, giving greater weight to the seriousness of the alleged offense and the juvenile’s prior record of delinquency than to the other criteria: (a) The seriousness of the alleged offense in terms of community protection, including, but not limited to, the existence of any aggravating factors recognized by the sentencing guidelines, the use of a firearm or other dangerous weapon, and the impact on any victim.

The victim has forgiven Ian and petitioned for his release but the State of Florida demands that Ian remain in prison from the age of 13 until he is dead. pdf. Life Without Parole for Juveniles Is Unnecessary There is no time off for good behavior. There is no chance to prove that you have become a different person. ”7 In most instances, the law treats juveniles differently. Juveniles cannot serve in the military or drink alcohol or vote in political elections. Younger juveniles cannot drive a car or hold a job.

9 Similarly, these youths who receive such harsh sentences are often not the ringleaders of the crime. ”10 A common justification for stiff criminal penalties is that they will deter other individuals from perpetrating similar crimes. ”11 There are racial disparities among juveniles who receive life without parole sentences. Another alarming problem with life sentences without parole concerns the presence of racial disparities, meaning that a disproportionate number of minorities receive such harsh sentences.

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Acceptance of stay cable systems using prestressing steels by prepared by Task Group 9.2.

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