By Rudolf Malkmus, Ulrich Manthey, Gernot Vogel, Peter Hoffmann, Joachim Kosuch

ISBN-10: 3904144839

ISBN-13: 9783904144834

Гора Кинабалу, при высоте 4095 м являющаяся наиболее высокой точкой Малайского архипелага, обладает одним из наиболее высоких в мире разнообразием животных и растений. Эта книга представляет современное и полностью иллюстрированное обобщение знаний о герпетофауне данной горы, характеризуя seventy seven видов амфибий и 112 видов рептилий. Она базируется как на результатах обширных полевых исследований, проведенных автором, так и на информации ранее опубликованных работ.
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The Geology of Sudan. P. Williams, M. A. J. & Adamson, D. A. 1973. The Physiography of the Central Sudan. Geog. Journal Vol. 139: 498-508. EDITOR'S ADDITION Lyons, H. G. 1909. Longitudinal Section of the Nile. Geogr. J. 34: 36-51. This is 'not the course of a normally developed river, where a mountain tract of rapid erosion passes gradually into a valley tract with slight erosion and into a plain where deposition is going on. The present Nile must include portions of river-systems of very different origin and date.

Reveal that these patches are associated with shallow discontinuous channel systems. It seems clear that overbank flooding through these channels from the Blue Nile towards the White Nile was an important feature of the palaeohydrology of this area, and that the sandy areas are remnants of material laid down in channels. Williams & Adamson (1973, Fig. l) show from a study of fossil shells and heavy minerals that the Gezira materials were deposited by 'heavily laden fast flowing seasonal rivers ...

In the upper main stream. The swamps are therefore caused by overbank floods and not by longitudinal ponding of the rivers as is commonly thought. At present the flow of water through the Sudd is controlled largely by the height of Lake Victoria. Increased rainfall and discharge from the highlands of the southern Sudan during the Pleistocene must have had an effect on the development of the Sudd formation, as did desiccation during the Late Wiirm (Fairbridge's Siltation Phase, Fairbridge, 1963).

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