By Chris Rowe

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Written to hide the AQA heritage a degree Unit 2 specification (HIS2K), our pupil e-book presents a centred examine key occasions in Italy from 1922 to 1945 and permits scholars to realize a better figuring out of the interval and overview the main concerns.

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Another, related problem was the existence of Catholic trade unions, in competition with the fascist syndicates. F ig. 7 Pope Pius XI II A third battleground was control over education and youth. Mussolini's dream of 'making Italians into Fascists' required extensive indoctrination of the young in order to establish fascist social valuesi this meant a Chapter 2 Making Italians into Fascists • head-on collision with the indoctrination of the young by the Church to establish Catholic social values.

This was not only a 1natter of using propaganda to win acceptance for Mussolini's policies; it was often the other way round. Some of Mussolini's policies, especially in foreign affairs, were designed at least as much to boost Mussolini's prestige as to pursue important foreign policy objectives. Propaganda was a key component, for example, in Mussolini's 'economic battles', which were launched personally by Mussolini through big, set-piece speeches that maximised the impact of campaigns such as the • • Section 1 Establishing the fascist regime, 1 922-29 II C ross-reference M ussolini's 'economic battles' are covered in Chapter 3 on pages 42-6.

Three days later, however, Mussolini found himself deep in trouble. While walking from his home to the parliament building, Matteotti was seized by a gang of armed men, shoved into a car and driven away at high speed. The Fascists were immediately suspected but there was no sign of Matteotti until two months later, when his body was found dumped on the roadside on the outskirts of Rome. Key te rms· Cheka: the secret police department of the fascist militia, the MVSN . The leader of the Cheka was Amerigo Dumini.

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